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We have an extensive range of Cardboard boxes in stock
Rmadillo stock many different shapes and sizes of cardboard boxes in stock so you can be sure that we have a box that will meet your requirements. From our best selling Royal Mail Large Letter size boxes that save you and your customers on postage cost to our single wall cartons, perfect for a range of applications from postage to storage, for more heavy duty use such as moving house we recommend the use of double wall cardboard boxes. We also carry boxes for a more specific task such as our golf club boxes and BDC Clothes Boxes.
Bubble wrap to protect your products
A standard packaging material for void fill and protection, we have a wide range of bubble packaging in stock. Bubble wrap or bubble bags create a protective cushion around your products to prevent damage. Bubble wrap is an easy to use material that can be cut to size for a wide range of products we also provide it in a number of different widths to cut down on waste and packaging time. For more specific protective needs we have a range of different bubble rolls to choose from including anti-static for the protection of electronics and large bubble wrap for wrapping larger or heavier items.
We ONLY sell quality packaging adhesive tape
We stock a large selection of adhesive packaging tape and dispensers. For box sealing we carry a range of polypropylene and vinyl packing tape, for other requirements we carry a range of specialist tapes including cross-weave tape, cloth tape and masking tape.
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